Review Wishtrend masks

Hi all!

It’s almost the end of the year already.

Weather is getting colder and more excuses for shopping are coming 🙂

Today I would like to share my experience with masks I received from Wishtrend’s for the renewal of their affiliate program!


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Recently Wishtrend has renewed their website and affiliate program.

Their website is now easier to navigate with cleaner lines, it flows better.

To celebrate this they offered their affiliate members a fresh box with several items to try for free and then share their review.

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This is the best way to start the weekend, I just received my #Wishtrendfreshbox 😍😍😍 Oh my god can I just say, I was definitely not expecting such a generous box from @wishtrend You're spoiling us wayyy too much … but do continue this way 😋 I received this box as an token of appreciation for #Wistrend 's affiliate program and in celebration of Wishtrend revamped website and upgraded affiliate program. Do visit their new website, it's so much simpler to use with a very clean and uncluttered esthetic. Simple and to the point just like the products sold on this online store. My new invitation code is CFA553EA . Do use it on your first order to get 10% . Nice right? This box contained : A #pouch with 9 #sheetmask from #dearklairs , #bywishtrend and #imfrom It also had a #pen and a #notepad and #stickers. I also received 3 full size #skincare product for review : @dear_klairs fundamental #ampule mist , @bywishtrend acid duo hibiscus 63 #cream and @imfrom_official #ricetoner Can't wait to try all these and share it with you all. Thank you again Wishtrend and your affiliate Team 👌❤😘

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Yes I was one of the lucky ones! Wishtrend is really a very generous company and it even came in a pouch with my name on it. Sometimes it’s just those small details that makes something special so thank you Wishtrend!

Today let me share my experience with the 3 types of maks I received.

Two of them were released this year and one was upgraded and had a change of brand.

By Wishtrend Natural Vitamin 21.5% enhancing sheetmask

This used to be known under the brand name of C20, the packaging was the same and name of the mask as well.

This is part of the Vitamin C products from Wishtrend.

I had previously shared my review of this mask on my 2nd IG account .

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🍋Name : C20 ( @bywishtrend now) natural vitamin 21.5 enhancing sheetmask 🍋Type : thick gauze like sheetmask 🍋Prize : 2.5 USD from @wishtrend 🍋Fit : mask covered my face nicely, comfortable around the eyes, nose and mouth. Mask had a fresh fruity scent but it's quite faint. Mask had lots of essence and it dripped a bit on my neck. 🍋Result: removed after 20 min. Massaged the rest of the essence. It didn't leave a sticky feel or oiliness, but my skin didn't feel soft as well.It actually made my skin look matte. Edit :After more than 2 hours, my skin felt super soft!!! 🍋Repurchase : not sure I like the finish of this mask but I did like the fit of it and how matte my face looked.EDIT :Now that more than 2 hours have passed, my skin feels great to the touch, so yes I would buy this again! #Mask #sheetmask #masksheet #sheetmasked #abcommunity #asianbeauty #instabeauty #beautyreview #beautygram #masked #maskipedia #kbeautyblogger #bblogger #bbloggers #skincare #wishtrend #koreancosmetics #asianskincare #c20 #bywishtrend

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Let’s see if the formula changed since then.

The packaging

This mask comes in this orange foil packaging where you have the explanation, ingredients on the back in English and Korean. The expiration date can be found at the bottom.


This mask helps improve your skin tone by brightening it and calm your skin.

The mask

This is a thick mask that is unscented and covered my face nicely.


From the last time I tried this, it seems the formula hasn’t changed much.

There is no stickiness but it takes a while for the essence to be fully absorbed by the skin.

This is good mask, but only use it if you have time to let the essence be fully absorbed.

You can get this mask on Wishtrend for 3 USD per mask

Dear Klairs rich moist soothing tencel sheet mask

This is a new mask that came out earlier this year.

As always this mask was created for people with sensitive skin, like all products from Klairs. But can also be used for all skintype to strenghten your skin barrier

They used ingredients that will minimize any bad reaction :

This sheet mask is made with five types of ceramides as well as the moisturizing nutrients of Aloe Vera, Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid to vitalize dry, exhausted skin. The healing gauze is dual-layered with 100% cotton and tencel to minimize skin irritation.

I really like Klairs products such as their toner and the midnight blue cream, and serum, and oil cleanser 🙂

I was really excited to try this one out.

The packaging

This mask comes in a white and turquoise blue foil pack.


Simple design from Klairs. On the back you have the ingredients and explanation in English and Korean. The expiration date is printed this time.

The mask

I have never tried a tencel mask so this was a first. This comes in 2 parts, you can apply it on your face accordingly.


Because it’s made of tencel, I did feel I was following a medical treatment, to heal my skin.

This had a jelly like essence which made it quite sticky, some of the fibres separated a bit too but that wasn’t an issue. Because it had this jelly texture, this felt quite cool and refreshing on the face.

I was quite surprised how quickly the remaining essence was absorbed, after I removed the mask after 20 minutes.

This gave a nice finish to my skin, with no stickiness or oiliness at all.

This mask did feel like a treat to my skin. This is a good mask to use during fall/ winter when our skin needs more protection against the cold and harsh winds.

You can get this on Wishtrend for 3 USD per mask as well!

I’m From Mugwort sheet mask

And finally the last mask I received is a sheetmask from I’m from that was released a couple of monthd ago.

I’m From is a brand that isn’t as known as Klairs , it is a bit pricier but I do love their Vitamin tree water gel moisturizer!

I’m From’s brand specializes in taking Korean natural ingredients and incorporating them in skincare products.

This mask for example is all about mugwort. Mugwort is a herb that can be used in cooking , for traditional medication and now is a current trend in skincare. This help soothe sensitive skin , helps keep moisture for dry skin and has anti inflammatory properties.

The packaging

This comes in a khaki green foil pack.

On the back you have the explanation of the product in Korean and English.


I like how they made a clear separation for the English and Korean explanation.

On the tope you can see where the mugwort extract is from, here it’s from Ganghwa Korea.

The expiration date is embossed at the bottom.

The mask

First of all, I was surprised to see a brownish jelly like essence and this mask scent reminded me of cola!

Because this is a very thin mask, this had a plastic backing.

This mask was a bit long on the side but the hole for my nose fitted perfectly.


I love how thin this mask is, and felt like second skin.

After the removal of the sheetmask after 20 minutes, the remaining essence was almost absorbed immediately.

There was no oiliness or stickiness and loved how soft my skin was afterwards.

This is my favorite out of the 3 masks.

You can get this mask on Wishtrend for 4 USD mask


First of all, thank you again Wishtrend for sending me these masks for review!

I am very happy of the results and how my skin reacted to them.


If I could recommend only one mask it would be the mugwort mask, but all 3 are good and have each their own benefits.

You guys can use my invitation code CFA553E if you don’t have an account yet on Wishtrend to get a discount on your first order. Black Friday sales are coming just saying … 😉

Will be sharing soon the review of the other products I received for review soon.

Until next time!

Note : all items were sent received for review purposes for free. No compensation was received, this is my honest review and experience of the products.

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