Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner review

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The “miracle”…

So are you guys ready for a long read?

In order to have good skin hygiene, you must find the skin routine that suits you.

Here’s what worked for me ( please note that I do change products every now and then to ensure it still has effect on my skin) :

  • in the morning I was my face with a facial wash then use a toner and moisturize
  • at night I wash my face with a tonic and moisturize with a heavier cream

This is the basic routine, but with time this has evolved and my skin needs have changed.

The first products I used and helped clear my skin were :

Etude house AC Clinic facial wash, toner and moisturizer

At night I would then clean my face with a toner like eskinol, moisturize and use a face spray from the AC clinic range.

I did this routine for around 4 to 5 months. My face cleared but I still had scarring left from the “bad products” a.k.a. the western pharmaceutical treatments.

I did searches on what to use next and then “discovered” Japanese brands,yes I switched from Korean to Japanese and discovered the wonders of shopping online for beauty products.

This is where I found adambeauty and cosme-de.

My skin was then blemish(er) free, I needed to have a clearer skin and regenerate my skin.

My new routine was :

  • facial wash : still using the facial wash from AC clinic
  • toner  : I switched to a Japanese toner  where the main ingredient is aloe vera “Juju Natural Moist Aloe vera toner (smooth)” for oily skin
  • moisturize/ regenerate : I discovered “Vitacreme B12” … you can still see my comment on cosme-de. I used this product back in 2011 and used it until the last drop. Since this was a pretty heavy cream I would used it at night. For day time, I was still using the “AC Clinic Gel lotion”.

At night I would clean my face with “sana easy peel cleansing water” : I used to buy this from adambeauty, but it seems it’s no longer avaialble TT__TT . This was a great product! too bad they don’t carry it anymore.

These products were really nice because they were all fresh, specially the aloe vera toner for my oily/sensitive skin.

I then discovered Gmarket ( which is very expensive, shipping wise) and my routine changed, or should I say got completed :

in the morning :

facial wash : I use a deep cleanser such as the “Etude house – Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam

serum : this helps prepare the skin for it to “capture” all the benefits of the next products. I use the “Holika Holika – 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid

toner : I was using Etude Skin malgeum … this product lasted forever. A bottle litterally took me a year to finish. In all honesty, this was good but I prefered the aloe vera I used to use

special treatment : a whitener serum from “TONY MOLY – Floria Whitening Capsule Essence

moisturize : my moisturizer was also the one from the skin malgeum collection, but I stopped using it as it was too much. And I didn’t need it much. I just skipped it after some point.

At night I used another facial cleanser which apparently purifies your pores “Etude house – Wonder Pore Freshner

I would then use the whitening serum from Tony Moly

All the links are from , this is a great alternative to gmarket as shipping is free and they give out samples!

I highly recommend it : it usually takes two weeks to get to Belgium.

This is the history of my skin routine : it basically went from getting rid of my pimple to regenerate my skin to whitening.

It was all a process to make renew my skin and make the old scarring disappear.