Review Etude House sleeping pack green tea

Hey everyone,

I have a new review for you all!

Today it’s for Etude House sleeping pack in green tea.

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This used to be me …

I was browsing through my pictures and my skin really was a disaster 3 years ago…


This is me back in July 2011, really did not like taking pictures back then…

Thank god for Korean beauty products!

I didn’t have much acne during my puberty, it just appeared in my twenties, when I started working and got stressed at work.

I tried appeasing my skin with pharmaceutical products from la riche posay effaclar but that just made my skin worse and broke me out like crazy. I quit that after a month then switched to avene but that didn’t help much as well.

My skin was less irritated but the damages were done .. TT_TT…

Then we went to the Philippines for holidays and we went into Etude house, the sales lady was selling her products really hard. She then told me, oh I see you have pimples you should definitely try our AC Clinic products! They are really good. I have a customer, well mother and daughter that uses them and their skin really cleared out.

I thought it was all bluff, but since I did needed some face cleanser I bought the face wash, the cream and the spray.

I’m glad I did! This experience pretty much changed me into a cosmetic addict.

The products really did work, after a week my skin was getting clearer and less red.

When I came back to Belgium, I started researching about Asian beauty products and that’s how I discovered more products that were more suited to my skin.

After a lot of blog reading, I discovered that Asian skin isย quite sensitive but oily at the same time. This is why I think that more western cosmetic do not suit my skin. They are usually too strong and not suited for my type of skin…

Moral of the story, you should sometimes listen to the Sales clerk sales pitch, they sometimes tell the truth lol