CHARIS lucky box 

Last month, I saw this great offer from a fellow kbeauty lover on instagram.

She showed me this store called Charis who had this lucky box containing products from Huxley, Beige Chuu, Heimish Moonshot and other great brands.. and I got baited.

So on 14th February, I placed my order for 2 boxes one for me and one for my sister! I thought this would be a great birthday gift for her!

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Warning this is  a rant post, but also an experience I wish that will never happen to you.

This summer, my family decided to travel to San Francisco and visit our relatives. We had bought our tickets through a travel agency, as I feel it’s always better just in case if something happens. I bought my tickets from Connections, which is a pretty reputable travel agency. But what happened to me that day is something I never would have imagined. It just went from bad to worst, and then just when I thought the nightmare was over, it just made lose it.

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