Oh wow so you actually clicked on the “about” button.

You want to know more about me. I’m so touched right now 🙂

Well I’m just another addict to beauty products, specially Korean ones because they became the answer to my skin issues back in 2011.

This is what triggered my online shopping addiction… Thank you South Korea hehehe.

My blog will usually contain posts about Korean beauty products, or online shops which I have used.

I created this blog back in 2014 as people would always ask me about my beauty routine and what kind of products I used.

This is my way to give back and help out all you beauty addicts out there!

The reviews are all based on my experience, no paid opinions here.

Wherever you may be, we can all relate and become friends thanks to beauty products.

One liked review or comments left will always make me smile.

Don’t be shy and leave a comment or feedback!

I’ll help out and reply as best as I can.

Enjoy your stay.

If you want to sponsor me, you are free to contact me at kayece115[at]gmail[dot]com


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