Facial cleanser reviews

Hey all,

It’s been a while, didn’t really feel like sharing reviews as I got obsessed with a new hobby 😁

But I’m back and this is a different type of post. I’ll be sharing my experience with several facial cleansers I’ve used these last months.


It’ll be short since these are quite straight to the point kind of products.

Let’s clean up!

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Unboxing Deciem order

Hey everyone,

Wanted to share with you all another online store I discovered thanks to another kbeautylover from IG.

Let me share my experience shopping on Deciem the abnormal beauty company.

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Review NYX Soft matte lip cream in 07 Addis Ababa

It’s Friday 13th!!!! Fear that black cat, do go near ladder and don’t break any mirrors. Just stay home and watch neverending horror movies.

Or you can come and read my latest review, and behold, it’s for NYX’s soft matte lip cream.


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I’m sorry bank account but I’m a shopaholic!

Aaah I’m crying of joy and sadness because it’s the end of the year and my bank account has dried up considerally… and to think I received my salary last week.

Oh well, at least I am super happy of my purchase.

Today I would like to share with you 2 online stores I just received my items from.


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Saturday giveaway unboxing!

Hey everyone!

The shops were super busy today because tomorrow is a special day for kids here, but I’ll write about it next time.

Today I got these two boxes and they are both my prizes for 2 giveaways I participated.


Do come check out what’s inside!

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Review Maybelline Baby lips

Happy November everyone!

A happy halloween to everyone who celebrated that. And to all catholics out there I hope your all saints days are all filled with happy memories with families and friends.

Today I would like to share my experience with Maybelline’s baby lips.


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