Unboxing Rituals order online

Hey everyone,

How are you all doing? Here  it’s super hot, it’s over 30° and all I want to do is drink refreshing beverages and eat ice cream.

Today I would like to share with you all my experience shopping online from Rituals!


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I’m sorry bank account but I’m a shopaholic!

Aaah I’m crying of joy and sadness because it’s the end of the year and my bank account has dried up considerally… and to think I received my salary last week.

Oh well, at least I am super happy of my purchase.

Today I would like to share with you 2 online stores I just received my items from.


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Beautynetkorea haul : quick review

Hi all, This weekend I got my order from http://www.beautynetkorea.com I purchased two trial set and whitening products, hehehe asian obsession I guess. Beautynetkorea is really generous with their samples and got over 10 samples!!!

Where to shop for Asian beauty products?

A lot of other people are already posted about these but here’s where I usually buy my products!

For japanese products :



These two are still the best place to get your Japanese beauty products : the great thing about adambeauty is that shipping is really low and they do have hard to find products.

For cosme-de, you just need to buy a certain amount of products but the shipping is free and registered.

I tried sasa.com but I didn’t really like their service … just had a really bad experience with them…

For Korean beauty products :

ebay stores



Gmarket has more products, but the shipping fees can be hella expensive since it’s sent out with EMS and Belgian customs will charge you crazy fees ( admin fees + customs fees).

I can sometimes buy from Ebay, but most of the beauty product pages are blocked by Ebay itself.

Once I bought from an Ebay seller and they then sent me an email saying they had their own store, so beautynetkorea is my new go to store for Korean products.

It’s free shipping and they actually give you samples, just like in Korean store. The prices are very reasonable, and they do have a lot of products.

I highly recommend this store!

Here’s another store where they sell a bit of everything, and beauty accessories :


They have beauty gadgets, like brush guard nets, at really cheap and again shipping is free.

I’ll edit this post whenever I have more stores to recommend 🙂

I should warn you though, once you start shopping online, there’s not turning back, you get addicted to it!