Review Hope Girl Jamong cleansing balm grapefruit

Hello everyone!

Are you getting ready for your summer holiday? Happy summer holiday everyone.

Today I bring you my review for Hope Girl Jaming cleansing balm grapefruit.

Back in May, Jolse was looking for people to review this new product from Jolse and I was lucky enough to win one!

I have never tried products from this brand before so I was curious to see how good their products are. I had seen this name before but I only saw them selling makeup and not skincare products.

The only cleansing balm I know is the one from Banila which I really like, so I wanted to see if this one was up to par.

The packaging

This balm comes in this cute pink orange box, like the colour of a sunset I would say.

It has the explanation of the product in Korean and English.

Something that shocked me is this religious phrase I found when I opened the box.

You’ll see the phrase :

God loves you as you are

This is the first time I have ever seen a brand, specially a Korean brand showing their faith.

I guess it’s a cute message to say to people they are perfect the way they are because that’s how God made you and loves you.

I wonder what it says on the Korean side though…

The balm itself comes in a sturdy white plastic with the cute grapefruit design  and colour as on the box.
You have  again the same explanation in English and Korean on the tube.

At the bottom of the tube you’ll find the date of production. This usually means that starting from that date, the product will expire within 24 ~36 months from that day.

Once opened you have 12 months to use it.

This also comes with a small spatula you can find inside the lid. It also has an extra lid inside to keep the product fresh and sealed. You have a little tag you pull on to open it.

Once opened, you’ll definitely smell the grapefruit scent to it. To me it reminds me of mentos candy. It’s fresh but not too sweet.

The balm

This cleansing balm is a makeup remover.

As per the box it says :


  1. A sherbet~type cleanser that melts and cleanses make-up with fresh grapefruit fragrance, which makes the cleansing experience more pleasant

  2. Grapefruit extract gives brightness and energy to dry and dull skin and fresh grapefruit fragrancr leaves you feeling refreshed.

To use it, you should first take the balm and put it on your palm and then apply and massage it onto your face to remove your makeup, then wash it off with water.

This balm is pink and looks like wax. You cut it with the spatula to take it out of the tube.

This balm is a bit more solid that the Banila one. It is better to warm it up in your palm and then apply it on your fave. This is what differs from the Banila one where it just melts as soon as it touched your skin.

The scent can be disturbing if you don’t like scented products or citrus smell close to your face.

I do like that this does not give me blurry vision when I use it on my eyes, unlike the Banila one which always does that.

For the brightening part, I think you need to finish the pot to see the big difference. I feel my face always looks brighter after washing all the dirt and grimes from my face, whatever product used.

Makeup test

Last week, I was having fun swatching my Colourpop eyeshadows and lip products. If you don’t know this brand, well it’s an American makeup brand known to make very pigmented but affordable makeup.

I had two arms full of makeup and felt this was a great excuse to put the Jamong balm to the test.

Unlike the instruction, I applied the product directly onto my forearms and started massaging the product onto the swatches.
After a couple of minutes, the balm started melting the products away.

I then washed it off with water and here is the result!

The eyeshadow and all the sparkly bits were removed nicely.

Some of the lipsticks remained since they had a bit of a tinting effect.

It didn’t completely removed the liptint though but it’s always pretty hard to remove lip tints anyway. FYI the liptint used is from A’pieu this one here.

This balm did not dry out my skin which is always great.

The results were pretty good since it got rid of all the sparkles and colours!


This is a pretty good balm which removed  my makeup nicely :

  • removes makeup easily, even the sparkly kind
  • does not give you blurry vision
  • It is best to prepare and warm up the product in your hand before applying it to your face
  • Is heavily scented so this can be disturbing for people with a sensitive nose

You can get this balm from Jolse at 14$. I would say this is a good alternative to Banila’s cleansing balm if you want something a bit cheaper, or if you want to try something else.

Thank you Jolse for letting me try this product!

See you next time
Note: this product was sent to me for review purposes. This was sent to me for free and this is my honest review. No compensation was received for ti.

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