Updated list of Asian online stores

Hey all,

Just updated my list again of Asian online I know of and heard of.

If I’ve used their services, you’ll now find a link to my review of the store. There is also a small summary for each store!

Happy reading!

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Review Shiseido Accentuating Color (for eyes) eyeshadow

Omg I updated the app on my phone and my full entry dissapeared…I don’t have a copy of it. Damn I need to write it again… I will be reviewing Shiseido color accentuating eyeshadow in Fire Opal A5.

I’m a WINNER!!!!

Little update from my side.

I won Strawberrynet’s competition on instagram where you need to show your current favorite beauty product.

Mine is Clinique all about eyes gel cream!

I am 29 so an eye cream is now needed : it basically hydrate the very sensitive skin found around your eyes.

It really melts and is easy to apply : one dab is enough for both eyes.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I did see a change : some small lines have been reduced, and it is not as puffy as it used to.

I won a 100$ beauty spree which i was super excited about, once I get my product, I will post them here!

Thanks again strawberrynet!