Review A’pieu The red tint in berry

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today I will be reviewing A’pieu The red tint in berry.


A’pieu is another of those Korean beauty brands that are really affordable like Etude House.

They also use very famous kpop acts, one of their models were Beast.


This is a picture I took back in November 2013 in Myeongdong : they had loads of products in collaboration with Beast.

Their current model is Choa from AOA.


Image from a’pieu official instagram

See Choa holding the liptint?

I was browsing Testerkorea and saw that A’pieu had released these new lip tint.


It is a liptint stick that has a gloss part and a tint part.

They were also pretty cheap, at only 5000₩ minus their current 30% , it was a steal!

The tint

I was pretty surprised how small this liptint was.


It is smaller than Espoir lip tint and even shorter than Clio Gelpresso.

This liptint has two part :

The lipgloss which is a bright cherry color

The liptint in a very dark grape even chocolate like shade.


Here is a swatch of the colors on my hand.


The berry tint is in the purple range and the gell gloss in a pretty cherry shade.

I should also mention that this tint has a grape like scent, like Etude House Color lips-fit. It doesn’t smell like berries to me.

The packaging

This is a really small tint, it’s so small that my hand looks like a giant’s hand!


This does not come in a box, it is just wrapped in plastic all over.


The only writing found are on the silver part , once opened this should be used within 12 months.



The color shade is also mentioned.

It also mentions which part is the tint and which one is the gloss.


Gloss is the top part and tint is the bottom part.

The color

As mentioned on top, the lip tint purchased is the shade “BERRY”.

You are supposed to first put the lip tint then the gloss.

Here are my lips bare.


I then used the tint.


It may not be clear here but the tint is very matte and dried my lips immediately.

I actually felt my lips drying up.

Liptint usually do that, they are very drying to the lips.

And now with the gloss on top.


The feeling of dryness immediately dissappeared and really gave an extra dimension to my lips.

Here are my lips with better lighting.


The berry tint is a really pretty dark shade, kinda sofisticated like a red lipstick.


The gloss really gives it an extra oomph to the lips.

It is not sticky at all and quite moisturizing.

Remember the swatch on my hand?
Well I tried rubbing it and the gloss is gone, but the tint is still there!


I think it’s pretty funny though, the tint mark looks like a burn mark now!

The tint staying power is really strong, and hard to remove.


If you like liptints, this is a nice item to add to the collection.

It is pretty cheap and comes in 5 shades if you want to get them all!

The fact that it is also small is a good thing because you are more likely to finish it … unlike all the lip products I have in my room.

This only contains 2.3 gr of gloss and 2.4gr of tint.

This also explains why this product is so affordable.

Once the gloss is on top, it also feels good on the lips as the dryness is gone.

But I would still say that my Espoir liptint in my fave because I prefer the cherry/candy scent it has and the lipbalm with it.

The color is really nice, the berry tint gives vampy lips, it has a dramatic feel to it which I like.

This is not a must buy, but if you would like to try out new shades at a really affordable price, this tint is a great buy/discovery!

You can get it here from Testerkorea if interested.


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