Review Ionspa bath 1000 shower head

Hi all,

I was able to participate for GMP’s panel for season 2.

This time I chose Ionspa bath 1000 scientific 8 stage filter system shower head .


GMP is a program where a panel of reviewers is selected to try and test out products from Korean start up companies.

Everything is handled by KMALL24.

The great part about this is that the panel is worldwide. As long as they can ship you the item, you can try and apply!

And of course is free to try, you do not need to pay for anything. You just need to share your review on social media.

I was quite happy with my item from season one. I applied for the second season and this time I once again opted for an item I can share with my family , a showerhead.

It might not sound too glamorous, but it definitely was a great choice.


IONSPA is a Korean company that exists since 2015. They specialize in showerhead, it’s actually the only product they sell. I couldn’t find much about them, but they do have an IG account.

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IONSPA BATH1000 Scientific 8 Stage Filter System Shower Head – Implementation of Ionized Water, Purified Water, Soft Water, Water Saving in One Shower SCIENTIFIC 8 STAGE FILTER SYSTEM : BATH1000, is to ionize and purify water, raise the water pressure, save the water, and convert into hexagonal water through ionization. Certifitation : FDA Registered, LOHAS, Korea Eco-Label IMPLEMENTATION OF IONIZED WATER : The magnetized water has a skin cosmetic effect such as skin moisturizing and pore cleaning. It is effective for skin diseases such as atopy and athlete's foot. SOFT WATER : The magnetized water has a similar effect to the hot spring water and keeps the skin soft and clean. 2 STAGE FILTER : Filtering of foreign matters such as drainage pipe floats, debris and hair through a two-stage filter. WATER SAVING : As water presses through the micro plate with perforated ultrafine discharging holes for discharge, it results in the apparent effect of water saving.

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This product is quite on the pricey side, but when you start using, you actually can understand why and all the technology that came to produce this item.

As per the company’s explanation , these are the benefits of this shower head :

The Bath-1000, a functional shower head manufactured and sold by our company,
It is a new concept showerhead that plays a role of water purifier, water saving machine and ionizer.
and Inside the shower head, 8 filters are built in, which transforms ordinary water into magnetized water to provide special water to the user.

Continues 8-12 hours’ strong moisture
The water particle ionized through the hybrid spin magnetic filter has a hexagonal structure. It is a structure that skin cells like the most. The smaller water particles enter the skin pores to absorb foreign matters in the pores and decompose oil deposit to discharge out of the skin. They also fill the inside of pores with magnetized water of high viscosity. Magnetized water helps maintaining continuous moisture. But also it is very helpful for itching, dried skin, and atopic skin infection.

Mellow Hot Spring Effect of Magnetized Water
The particles of magnetized and ionized water coming out of 410 ultrafine holes are soft supplying moisture and mineral to the skin. The magnetized water has a strong affinity and penetration force so that the filtration to cell membrane increases. The magnetized water gives a help to skin to discharge toxin out of human body so that whole family can enjoy the hot spring bathing at home.

4 Times Rise of Water Pressure, Water Saving, Fuel Saving
Through the microplate, the water pressure rises 4 times more than that in the existing shower. But the amount of water decreases by over 40% so that it has a great advantage of natural water saving. As small particles of water increase the cleansing power, the saving rate of living water also increases by 20%. By the reduction of shower time and dish washing time, the use of warm water in bathroom and kitchen, which is the major factor for heating cost in winter season, will be reduced to save the heating cost by 30%. Please catch the eco-mileage and the incentives of carbon point system which have been implemented in Seoul and each local government.

Cleaner and Softer with Complex Quintuple Filter
The first stage vortex magnetic filter decomposes the rust element and the second stage pretreatment filter removes foreign matters and rust, and the third stage hybrid spin magnetic filter changes the water molecule to ultrafine molecular structure. The fourth stage ceramic wing increases the electromotive force and mixes water evenly. The fifth stage Ge-Lite filter sterilizes germs in water to remove fungus. So that you can enjoy fresh and clean shower.

IONSPA promises a lot with this item!

The packaging

This showerhead comes in a nice black sturdy box.


The presentation is already quite classy. There isn’t much explanation in English, and the instructions are also in Korean. Thankfully the item is quite straightforward to use.


Unlike season one, there is no “thank you” letter from Kmall24 or instruction translated in English. I wish they would have done this again this time. Instead you now get 2 stickers with the GMP logo and a congratulations ones.

With this shower head, you get the instruction and a second filter.

A filter should normally last you 6 months, for a family of 4. This should last me a year before I need to buy new filters. I do wonder what are the signs that shows you need to change filters.


These beads do not smell of anything and kinda looks like those toys for babies that makes sound 🙂

It would have been nice if these beads were to change colors when it’s time to replace them. Anything that can help us know when it’s time to change.

The showerhead

This shower head comes in 3 colours : black, living coral and emerald .

I decided to get the emerald one since it’s mostly white with a touch of turquoise, which is one of my fave colours. Plus white doesn’t look dirty in the bathroom.


It is a bit heavier than my normal showerhead, but it is quite handy and easy to hold. It won’t slip through your fingers when showering.

What makes this showerhead stand out is that some of the parts are see through.

You can actually see and hear the turbines working when water runs through.


Another special feature of this showerhead are the holes that spreads the water.

See how small they are and it’s not the full plate? I was really sceptic about this at first but as soon as I opened the water I was blown away!

You can attach this showerhead to a water hose easily. We only detached the previous showerhead and attached this one in a couple of minutes and voila.


Yes even the back of the showerhead is see through! The more you open the water, the faster this goes round and round. And this is where the magic happens, when water is ionized and cleaned out to give you softer water when you shower.

The experience

As you can see this is quite a complex showerhead, which much thought that came into it when this was created.

There’s lots of action going on to give you that spa like treatment at home.


Despite how technically advanced this showerhead, it is quite easy to handle it and disassemble, like a kids puzzle.


When it’s time to clean it, you can just open it, run water through it and put it all back together.

Changing the filter is easy too, again just disassenble it and put in the new filter.


I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I’m very pleased with it, my family as well!

After the first use, I already saw a difference. I had less dandruff, dry scalp. I first thought I had dandruff because of the shampoo I used so I kept switching from one brand to another.

Then I showered and used the same shampoo but with the ionspa showerhead, and I had less of a dry scalp! I still have some dandruff, but it’s not as bad as before. My mom had the same effect as well.

It looks like this ionized water made the water softer and easier on the skin. My skin is less dry and scalp too.

Another great thing I found is that you don’t even need to open the fausset fully to have good water pressure.

It seems because the holes are so small, it helps spread the water evenly and provide greater pressure.


When the fausset is fully open, the water feels like a jacuzzi in the shower.

Even with the fausset half open, I like how the water pressure feels on my back, it’s like being massaged while showering.

The best part is for your finance. Because you don’t need to fully open the water, you use less water! You could actually save money… unless you spend even more time under the shower because it’s so relaxing.


I was convinced by this product, Ionspa bath 1000 showerhead is worth it!

It cost 149 USD on kmall24 but using this can make you save money and turn your shower time in a nice relaxing moment. This ionized and softer water feels indeed nicer on the skin.

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Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I received this #showerhead thanks to @kitagmp global reviewer program hosted by @kmall24_official Let me just say this product is just WOW😍😍😍 I never knew showerhead could be this amazing! First thing was I was a bit sceptic about how strong the water would be as the holes were pretty small. Let me tell you , even if the fausset isn't fully open the pressure of the water is great. If you open the water fully, it feels like a jacuzzi massage on the back! It's super relaxing and you use less water too! You can easily disassemble it to clean and change the filter and you can of course fix it to any shower hose. Thanks to the ionized and purified water I have less dandruff and my skin does feel softer. Definitely a big step up to my regular shower head. Thank you #kitagmp for this opportunity😘 It would have been great if there was an English translation of the guide like last time. But thankfully this was easy to install and use. Or we can always check Kmall24's website 👌 #ionspa #shower #spa #hygiene #skincare #kmall24 #beautyreview #bbloggers #bblogger #beautygram #water #savewater #gmp

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This is definitely a product I would recommend to anyone!

Thanks again KITA GMP project and KMALL24 for organizing this.

Note : this item was sent to me for review purposes. This is my honest opinion.

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