Review Etude House Wonder Pore deep foaming cleanser

Hey guys!

How was your weekend?

Mine I just stayed in bed and hibernated because it started to snow here and we are now in the minus degrees…. brrrr it’s getting cold.

Anyway, today I would like to share with you my experience with Etude House wonder pore deep foaming cleanser.


I wanted to take a break from my baking powder cleansing foam and decided to use the cleansing foam I got from my discovery kit.

You can find another review I made from one of the other product from the discovery kit here.


This facial wash is another addition to the Wonder Pore line.

This is a product for people prone to excess sebum and with big pores.

The packaging

Because I have the deluxe sample size, this contains 30 ml, which should be good to use for at least 2 weeks.


The facial wash comes with a screw top and the body is easy to press on : it is pretty easy to get the product out.


On the back, you can see the production date : once opened this should be used within 12 months.

The product

This facial wash has a creamy texture with small beads, to remove the excess sebum accumulated throughout the day.


It is white and the microbeads are blue : this is scented and kind of reminds me of toothpaste.

This lathers pretty easily as well. I just add a bit of water and make it bubble on my palms.


I massage this on my face and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

After, you will feel your face getting “cold” because of the mint.

It really feels like you just applied toothpaste on your face.

But a really nice thing I found about this facial wash is that this does not dry my face up.

My face is ready to take on the next step of my skincare.


This is a good facial wash for people with combi to oily skin.

It does the job at removing the excess sebum and does not dry the face… BUT the after effect does make me feel I just used toothpaste on my face.

The effect is really fresh, even more so when I use it when I shower.

If you are sensitive to scent, you might want to stay away from this product.

If not, do try a sample first and see if you like the “fresh sensation” that this facial wash provides!

Would I buy a full size you ask?

I would say no, I am just finishing this tube and I will continue using my baking powder facial wash.

The “fresh” sensation kinda bothers me…

Have you tried this before? Do let me know ☺

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